Thin Ice

Thin Ice

VandA Edizioni

Year: 2013

Pages: ebook

A frozen body is discovered, concealed in a sarcophagus in the Himalayas. All evidence points to the mysterious corpse belonging to Jean-Pierre Leblanc, an avid mountain climber and the son of a chemicals magnate. Jean-Pierre had recently disappeared during a desperate attempt to scale the Kinsoru, one of the world’s most challenging mountains. He was with a team of six other climbers, including his brother, Michel, who was later found in a state of shock in a Nepalese village. Was Jean-Pierre’s disappearance due to an accident or foul play? What secrets are the six climbers hiding? Fiona, Ian, Count Von Reichen, Sherpa Tenzing, and Boroda all have secrets that they want to protect. Does Michel, who saved everyone from an avalanche in the dead of night, want to find the truth or suppress the evidence of a crime that he committed?