The Sound of Things Beginning

The Sound of Things Beginning


Year: 2016

Pages: 328

Through her grandmother’s teaching, a young woman discovers that every ending makes the sound of a new beginning.

The wind before the storm, the tinkling of coffee in the morning: these are the noises that tell Ada that something special is beginning. It was Grandma Teresa who taught her to listen. But now Grandma Teresa is sick, and this new beginning is scary. Ada finds strength when she meets two unexpected friends in the hospital: Giulia, a nurse, and Matthew, a man who shows her passion. Ada does not yet know that deep love can also lead to deep suffering. She will learn that some things must end so others can begin.

Rights sold:
China (Citic Press Corporation)
France (Albin Michel)
Germany (Thiele Verlag)
Israel (Keter Books Ltd)
Portugal (Presença/ Novo Conceito)
Serbia (Vulkan Publishing)