Teach Me the Tempest

Emanuela Canepa

Teach Me the Tempest


Year: 2020

Pages: 248

The unexpected pregnancy of a teenage daughter forces a mother to come to terms with the consequences of her own choices.

How can a mother not worry when her teenage daughter is about to repeat her past mistakes?  
Emma is devastated when her pregnant daughter Mathilde takes refuge with Irene, the one person Emma swore she would never see again. As Emma stands on the threshold of the Coventry where her old friend lives, she prepares for a showdown that is long overdue. But at the sound of Irene’s voice, it becomes clear that in order to help her daughter, Emma must first make peace with her past.  
Three deeply connected women come to terms with the bonds of love.

The Female Beast
Publisher: Einaudi Year: 2018 Pages: 260

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