Because They Know Not

Dario Buzzolan

Because They Know Not


Year: 2022

Pages: 324

A contemporary novel about a family secret in the aftermath of the financial crash.

With her parents dead and her brother missing, Cecelia is an orphan. Now in her thirties, with a good career in winemaking and close friends, it is almost as though she has finally found her place in the world. Then one day, an unexpected message lands in her email like a box of dynamite: a stranger claiming to be her nephew, the son of her brother Gregory who disappeared in a plane accident after the financial crash in 2008. Could he be who he says he is? Or is somebody setting her up? Cecelia finds the cruel and shocking answers to her questions on a secluded island in Greece – and there is redemption in these answers.

The Truth
Publisher: Mondadori Year: 2020 Pages: 468
Our Eyes Blinded by the Earth
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