Touching the Sky

Touching the Sky


Year: 2022

Pages: 372

Sometimes courage is measured by the decision to say no to what makes you unhappy.

There are days when you are so busy, you don’t even see the clouds in the sky; and when that becomes the new norm, you even forget your dreams. That is what happens to Sole when she moves to Rome with her fiancé Samuele. Her to-do list grows longer and longer: help Samuele at his art gallery, drive her friend Samanta to wherever she needs to go, answer the absurd demands of her editor, and pose for an eccentric sculptor. Her dream of becoming a teacher has taken a backseat to the whims of everyone else. Just when Sole is about to explode, she decides to compile a new type of list, the NO list: things not to do. But with each painful no, Sole is brought closer to her authentic self.

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