Like Flies to Honey

Like Flies to Honey


Year: 2019

Pages: 348

This fictionalized memoir follows the lives of Francesca and her friends, teenagers in the early nineties, before cell phones and internet: squatters, drug addicts, mentally unhinged, running away from home, or simply from themselves, young adults looking in all the wrong places to expand their horizons on the streets of Milan. When Francesca first encountered the group, “a sort of adoptive mother embracing all sorts of strays” she knew this new phase of her life would change her forever, but she had no idea just how much. Her life turned into a nonstop party, skipping school and smoking in parks. At night she snuck onto trains and went to raves, which soon led to popping pills and lines of cocaine. Before long, she was injecting heroine, involved in rival bands, and pushing drugs herself. And then it all stopped being an adventure, and a third nightmarish phase of her life began. Her “friends” started dropping like flies, dying of overdose, or on the streets, and the crude and painful reality of detox led her to wake up one morning in a mental hospital. An authentic and poetic journey into the dark soul of a generation.