Like a Father

Marco Martani

Like a Father

Dea Planeta

Year: 2019

Pages: 443

You have never met a protagonist with a heart as big as Orso’s; he only kills for a good reason.

There was a time when Orso thought he could leave his past behind and start all over; but that was before Red caught up with him. For forty years, his loyalty has taken more lives than the angel of death. Now, with a weakened heart, the sixty-year-old Orso wants to see his wife and daughter again. As he travels from Marseille to Italy where he last left his family, someone tries to kill him. It could be Red or any of his enemies but either way, it won’t end without bloodshed. A tense thriller about the choices we make over the course of a lifetime and their consequences.

He chose to live in hell. Yet, he did it out of love.

Rights sold:
Japan (HarperCollins Japan)
Film (21 Laps)

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