Life With Lloyd

Simone Tempia

Life With Lloyd

Rizzoli Lizard

Year: 2016

Pages: 156

The most famous imaginary butler is back to share his witty words of wisdom in this sophisticated book of illustrated vignettes.

The ideal friend: wise, loyal, and full of good advice.  Lloyd, the imaginary butler is the perfect man to have around the house. He is discretely present and dispenses comforting words of wisdom for everyday dilemmas. The elegant and respectful Sir and Lloyd are lovingly anachronistic. Their snippets of conversation are philosophic, and filled with class, irony and inspiration.

“Lloyd, I can’t find peace…” 
“That is because you are confusing it with happiness, Sir.” 
 “Aren’t they the same thing?” 
“Quite the contrary. Happiness lies in obtaining what you desire; peace in knowing how to live without it.” 

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