The Sisters Brigade

Paola Peretti

The Sisters Brigade


Year: 2021

Pages: 240

After their brother disappeared in 1945, five elderly sisters leave it up to a young deaf woman to find him before they lose their memory entirely.

Meet Euterpe, Talia, Melpomene, Tersicore, and Urania – each bearing the name of a muse. They collectively raised Cecilia, a young history student with a hearing problem. Aunt Euterpe, the first of the sisters to pass away, leaves Cecilia with a task: to find their brother.   
So, for the first time in her life, Cecilia leaves home in search of a secret uncle. Amidst old papers, faded photographs, and blurred memories, Cecilia journeys into the history of her family and her town to discover what happened to her uncle and why this family secret has been buried. But above all, she discovers herself.

Rights sold:
Russia (Mann, Ivanov and Ferber)
Turkey (Yakamoz Kitap Yayýncýlýk)

Filippo, Me and the Cherry Tree
Publisher: Giunti Year: 2024 Pages: 144
The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree
Publisher: Giunti Year: 2023 Pages: 208

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