Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

Sperling & Kupfer

Year: 2015

Pages: 312, hardcover

Perla Ruggerio’s perfect life was suddenly shattered the day burglars broke into her home and murdered her husband.  She saw them, and even struggled, before losing consciousness. When she came through her memory of the event was not the only thing gone; her five year old daughter had disappeared into thin air. For five long years, Perla has been fighting to find her daughter, convinced she is still alive…then one day, her proof arrives in a phone call:  “Mamma help”. It’s her daughter’s voice. Only one woman, Agata, her lawyer, will fight for the truth. But  whatever clues exist are locked in Perla’s memory, and only one man can help them: Galeazzo D’Adda. D’Adda is the most brilliant hypnotist Italy’s police force has ever seen. His unconventional methods once helped the force solve the most impossible of cases. He now lives as a recluse, just he and his dog Rusty in a large, dusty villa  along the smoky rivers of Milan. D’Adda is the last man on earth Agata wishes to see again; the last time they met it was just a little too intimate. But Agata will have to get over it because if he can help Perla remember that dreadful night, she just might be able to help her find her daughter.