In Mission

In Mission


Year: 2016

Pages: 292

This novel tells of the missions and shameful secrets of an undercover agent. Carlos was a commander in Colombia and an airplane pilot who infiltrated Colombian narcotics. In Cambodia, the code name was KASPER. A man of action, he was an expert of weapons and martial arts who was framed and hunted by drug traffickers and terrorists. Weighing on his shoulders, after 373 days of hell in the Cambodian prison of Prey Sar, he drops his facade for the first time after thirty years of mystery and Vincent Fenili, his real name, decides to disobey an order. 'Cham Hammer' was his last mission; a disturbing one against the dark threat of Islamic terrorism hanging over Rome. His entire existence had been given to the service of his country and sacrificing everything. Now, however, many things are not adding up. His superiors want to buy his silence, telling him to close his eyes against a story that emerges from the past. It would be ideal to accept the compromise and leave everything behind in order to really start over, especially now that Vincent has so much to lose: a wife, a daughter, and the chance at a normal life. But if you have been an undercover agent, you're an undercover agent forever. With action, betrayal, and blackmail, this rousing tale, told in the first person, captures and drags the reader in the opaque world of international espionage to try and see, once and for all, the fine line between necessity and interest and good and evil. Or, maybe, the reader may find those borders do not exist.