The Son of a King

with Mirko Casadei


The Son of a King


Year: 2022

Pages: 256

Twenty years at the helm of Italy’s most notorious orchestra has made Raoul Casadei a household name and a legend of his time. 

The compelling story of his life and artistic brilliance, on and off stage, is told through the eyes of his son and successor on stage. Mirko chose to reinforce the musical tradition of folk music, an evolving genre and example of Italian excellence. Written by Zibba, producer and co-writer of Mirko’s new songs, this book is a collection of shared memories, facts and tales that revisit places and retrieve details according to the orderly disorder of memory.

This is my message: Let’s dance and let it be our revolution. Everything can start from indulging in a liberating ritual of immense power.”

Marco Casadei is a popular folk and pop musician. He is the leader of the Casadei Orchestra. 

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