Lilly’s Children

Lilly’s Children


Year: 2022

Pages: 300

Inspired by the true story of Lilly Volkart, a pedagogic teacher who founded an orphanage in Switzerland in 1924. 

Under the guidance of Minna Tobler-Christinger, a doctor and radical antifascist who fought for women’s reproductive rights, Lilly Volkart founded an orphanage that later became a refuge for Jewish children during WWII.  

Lilly is a free spirit but Zurich at the turn of the century is no place for an unmarried pregnant woman. Shunned by her family, Lilly finds a friend and mentor in her doctor Minna. Unfortunately, Lilly loses the baby during childbirth, leaving her unable to have children. Encouraged by Minna, she opens an orphanage in Ticino for unwanted children. By the end of the war, over 120 Jewish children from across Europe and 4,000 children in all found safety in the orphanage. After the war and until the end of her life, she continued to offer lodging and education to children in need.

They are all “Lilly’s children”. 

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