The Losers Club

Giulia Rossi

The Losers Club


Year: 2022

Pages: 328

It takes more than a novel to abdicate the past.

A group of adolescents set fire to an unnamed homeless man sleeping beneath a bridge. He is taken to the hospital and saved by a miracle but his identity remains a mystery. The only sure thing is that his knapsack contains a copy of a bestselling novel by a young local writer, Lorenzo Fabbri. The news takes Lorenzo twenty years back in time, to the friendships that inspired his novel. The Losers Club, as he called them: Sara, Giacomo and Ema, his talented best friend who had the courage to fight back. As other details emerge, Lorenzo begins to ask himself how his story is connected to the man struggling for his life in intensive care and whether fiction is truer than fact.

This is How It’s Done
Publisher: Nord Year: 2019 Pages: 336

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