I Promise to Love

I Promise to Love


Year: 2019

Pages: 311

Love arrives when we stop trying to be perfect A man sits near the window of a noisy, crowded room, and watches the grey sky, bored. Another Monday morning. Suddenly, he turns around, and that is when he sees her. This is shock and embarrassment in his eyes, betrayed by the trembling fingers. It has been years since the last time he saw her. One day he simply left her, without an explanation, breaking her heart. Both of them went on with their lives, and yet standing there, looking at her, he realizes that he never stopped loving her, not even for a second.  Unable to control her emotions, she tries to run away from him, but he decides to stop her. And in their embrace, surrounded by strangers, he decides to promise her try again, to act, to fall, to make mistakes all over again. To love her, truly and forever. This might seem like the end but it is just the beginning of their love story. Every action they make, every letter they write to each other, every person they meet is a universe in itself. Love is the common thread connecting all of it. How many times have we asked ourselves about the love from which we are born? How did our father feel the first time he held us in his arms? And our mother, how did she feel when she first met our father? The most powerful emotion is that of finding a love we have lost and being able to love again, as though it were the first time.