Everything in My Family Is Just Perfect

Everything in My Family Is Just Perfect

Year: 2024

Pages: 304

Being a good mother and a perfect wife is no formula for happiness.

One day, Alma’s husband, Albino, leaves on an ordinary business trip and never returns. After twenty years of marriage, Alma finds herself alone with her two children. Alma had made Albino the centre of her life and in return he always took care of the money. When the nanny leaves, her credit card is cancelled and her car is repossessed, she discovers that not only does she have to sell her Prada handbags, but in a few weeks she may not even have a roof over her head. Albino didn’t just disappear. He’s left her with a debt she can’t imagine ever being able to pay.

As Alma comes to terms with her new reality, she begins to question her role in her marriage and her relationship with her children and the rest of her family and friends. As she tries to understand how she could have missed the signs, she discovers that all is not well in her family. But this is only the first step towards a future where she can be truly happy.