Curvy: The Glamour of being Full Figured

Curvy: The Glamour of being Full Figured


Year: 2011

Pages: 204, paperback

The time has come for curvy women to shine after years of esthetic dictatorship that regulated voluptuous bodies to the sidelines and upheld thinness as the ultimate standard of beauty. In this book, fashion journalists Daniela Fedi and Lucia Serlenga celebrate the glamorous and sexy side of being full-figured, revealing their secrets, hints, and tips through anecdotes and stories. They aim to energize the cultural revolution that, according to the authors, will erode the absolutism of slenderness as an ideal. Fedi and Serlenga claim that: “the three hardest things to do are: love yourself, forgive yourself, and accept yourself as a healthy and curvaceous. Being naturally tall and skinny is a genetic rarity, something inherited, like grandma’s pearls or dad’s blue eyes.” The authors do not replace the unrealistic beauty standard of thinness with the belief that only fat is beautiful. Instead, they aim to widen standards of beauty to recognize that women come in all shapes and sizes.