Children of the Forest

Romina Casagrande

Children of the Forest


Year: 2021

Pages: 352

Thomas and Luce know what it takes to survive in the mountains, even its treacherous trails where partisans and smugglers risked their lives. When a boy goes missing, Thomas is catapulted back in time, as he secretly searches for his whereabouts.

Luce can feel a storm brewing even before the wind blows. Some say the Alpine spirit runs through her veins. The steep and treacherous trails are her home so she sees no reason why she cannot cross the smuggler’s path across the Alpes with her father and brother. But then she meets Thomas, a child with no past or place to return to, a kindred spirit. 
Many years later, the townspeople frantically search for a child who has gone missing. One man amongst them knows the mountain like the back of his hand; but to find the boy, he will have to face the forest and his worst fear: the past.

Rights sold:
France (Fleuve Noir)
Germany (Fischer Verlag)

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