No More Blacks

A Day Without Immigrants

Vladimiro Polchi

No More Blacks


Year: 2020

Pages: 161

What would a typical day without immigrants look like?

An answer to those opposed to immigration, this book explores what would happen if all immigrants disappeared one day. Work at construction sites comes to an abrupt halt and factories close; the tomato fields in Puglia are left abandoned and social security is on the verge of collapse; the soccer, basketball, and volleyball seasons are put on hold; and many parishes find themselves without priests. Foreign workers are crucial in the production of ham from Parma, buffalo mozzarella from Caserta, and wines from the province of Cuneo. Nearly 100,000 foreign nurses work in private healthcare, and the public transportation system is dependent on immigrants’ co-ops and small service providers. A day without immigrants would be a catastrophe.

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