About Time

About Time

Newton Compton

Year: 2010

Pages: 240, paperback

Svevo Romano is every woman’s dream: he is irresistibly handsome, filthy rich, and at the height of his career. The only problem is that he is a ruthless workaholic by day, and a drug-taking playboy by night. He spends his evenings at the trendiest nightclubs in Rome, chasing casual sex and snorting cocaine in an effort to overcome a sense of meaninglessness. One day, while Svevo boards a plane, his life changes completely: time mysteriously speeds up, but only for him. In a race against time and life itself, he desperately tries to keep up with his colleagues and his friends, and hold on to what he once thought was important. Just as everything threatens to spiral completely out of control, Svevo’s life acquires a meaning that transcends time and space. In this suspenseful, funny, and sensual novel, one of Italy’s most talented young writers explores the frenzy of the modern world, and demonstrates that time spent without love is time wasted.