A Happy Year

A Happy Year


Year: 2019

Pages: 345

A young woman follows her Swedish boyfriend home. She doesn’t realize that not all relationships are meant to last.

Most girls spend their lives looking for love without realizing that it comes at a price. Melania, with her long wavy hair and manicured eyebrows, makes heads turn wherever she goes. She and her roommate, Franca, search Florence for their Prince Charming. And then she meets Axel. Under the brazen beauty of Tuscany, Melania falls in love like she has always dreamed about. She decides to follow him to Sweden, where she soon finds herself living in a very cold country she knows nothing about, and with a man she knows even less. Blinded by emotion, Melania begins to wonder if she is in love. And if so, why does it hurt so much?

A Happy Year is a love story written the way God intended.
Pergiorgio Paterlini, Robinson, La Repubblica

… with the light steps of a fairytale, this book tells a cruel story that, unfortunately, never relents a story that becomes an urgent warning to not become ensnared.
Mirella Serri, La Stampa

… a love story, yes, but only if love is the ploy through which we come to understand who we are and what we want.
Stefania Vitulli, Il Giornale

The nature of love often takes unexpected turns, leading us down ravines where dignity might die but the illusion of love, though shaky, remains standing.
Gabriella Cantafio, Il Foglio

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