Say it With Love

Harnessing the Energy of Language to Improve Your Life and Health

MariaGiovanna Luini

Say it With Love


Year: 2021

Pages: 144

For thousands of years, healers have used the innate energy of words as a tool for healing and health. There is a scientifically proven method behind this magic that will allow you to talk yourself to long-lasting health and happiness.

According to one of Italy’s most respected doctors, the most potent cure to any ailment is also the most accessible to all of humanity: the spoken word. 
The energetic charge of words articulated out loud, with their intrinsic vibrations created by the speaker and received by the listener, can create miracles. This revolutionary approach to health focuses on the power of the words we speak and their capacity to physically heal. With practical advice, this book can help anyone achieve health and heal others.

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Croatia (Planetopija)
Serbia (Public Praktikum)

The Road to Healing
Publisher: Mondadori Year: 2020 Pages: 276

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