We Were Never Innocent

Valeria Gargiullo

We Were Never Innocent


Year: 2022

Pages: 336

A beautiful and tender coming-of-age story set in the underbelly of Italy, where crime and easy money are a dangerous temptation.

Campo dell’Oro can be tough, but Anna has always protected Simone, her fourteen-year-old brother. There is a bond between them that goes beyond love. Anna hates it there; she has been studying and saving to leave for as long as she can remember. Now, a short summer separates her from a scholarship to university, far from the gangs and her depressed mother. She knows that without her, Simone will have to fend for himself. When Anna discovers the gang that controls her neighbourhood has already set its sights on Simone, she can either save him or herself. And yet without her brother, she is nothing.

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