Simona Sparaco

The unfailing powers of unreasonable love are at the center of this emotionally powerful novel, by one of Italy’s most talented writers.

Quantum physics dictates that if two particles interact for a certain length of time and then become separated they are nonetheless no longer two distinct entities. When fourteen year old Lea and her tutor, a mathematical genius, meet for the first time, the impact is monumental, and free-falling. Although they are worlds apart, they have become a single, unified system, meaning that what happens to one will continue to influence the other even if they are worlds apart.
Two decades later, Lea is married to Vittorio, a stable and successful lawyer, and leading a charmed life in Singapore. She could not have chosen a more trustworthy companion. So why is she still pining a love affair that has long ended?
Lea is called back to Rome, with its crumbling alleyways and romantic ruins, to edit her first novel. She is reluctant to leave her husband, but when she discovers that Diego is also her editor, she is drawn to the inevitable. It doesn’t take long before he once again sweeps her off her feet more swiftly and unsuspectingly than ever. After all, she never really got over her first love. Who does?
Diego and Lea, polar opposites. But just like two quantum particles they are bonded to one another for eternity, even when destiny has other plans for them.



Simona Sparaco


The intimate drama of a couple almost torn apart by their unborn child. This emotional and compelling novel raises questions about the meaning of life that every woman is forced to ask herself.
During a simple ultrasound in the 25th week of pregnancy, Luce, happily married to Pietro, discovers that there is a problem with the child in her womb. The child suffers from a rare genetic illness, a form of “dwarfism” that will condemn him to a short life of physical pain ... if he survives birth. By Italian law, Luce must carry the child - “fetus” called by doctors - two more months until it he decides his own sort. If the pregnancy goes to term it is likely one of the two lives will be compromised by the birth.
It is Christmas eve. Luce and Pietro leave for London, where the law allows them to make a decision; if they choose to terminate the pregnancy, they must do so immediately. What follows is the story of a choice: an extreme, unpredictable, harrowing, and irreversible choice.
Simona Sparaco’s novel explores the complications of love and the intricacies of couple-hood.

“I’ve only ever spoken to God a couple times and I’ll admit that it was always and only to request something. Nonetheless, I never know what tone to use; what is he like, God, I mean... Praying makes me feel a little strange afterwards, as though I’m babbling to myself.
I spoke at length to God on the day I went to retrieve the results of my pregnancy test. I remember mumbling, “Okay, if I find out I’m not pregnant this time, I swear I won’t curse. I’ll put my mind to rest and convince Pietro to apply for adoption. Is that what You want? To accept what nature has chosen for me?”


SIMONA SPARACO, a writer and playwright, was born in Rome. After earning a degree in the UK in Communication Science, a B.A. in Literature with a specialization in Performing Arts, she Mastered in creative writing at La Scuola Holden. Nessuno sa di noi (No One Knows About Us) was published for Giunti Editore and became a word of mouth bestseller, selling over 100,000 copies, and a Finalist for the Premio Strega 2013.