Title: Fragile Expectations
Author: Mattia Signorini
Data: 2015, 249 p., paperback
Publisher: Marsilio



As the closing date approaches, the lives of the motley group of guests living in this holding place for dreams become inevitably entwined: Guido, an English Professor with a soiled past who teaches a mute child to speak; Lucio a young man looking for the father who abandoned him as a young child; Adolfo, a retired General convinced peace can only be found through war; Ingrid, the concert harp-player working as a supermarket cashier who picks up strange men at night; And then there is Emma, the housekeeper who has been living at the inn for almost as long as Italo. Men and women at the periphery of a world that is spinning far too fast for their taste, waiting for something or someone to arrive and save them, before it is too late. What they do not realize is that greener pastures are right in front of them, and all they have to do is look up. Will they save each other? Italo has decided to retire, meaning that the time has come for Pensione Palomar - an old, two story Bed and Breakfast, sandwiched between skyscrapers, in the suburbs of a large city- to close its doors forever. But while he should be preparing to move on, Italo spends his last days reading a collection of love letters he has found in the trash bin. They are dated fifty years ago.